Marion Inglessi
Static/Ecstatic or Sibyl’s rock

The exhibition

 Ekfrasi—yianna grammatopoulou Art Gallery presents  on Thursday December 9 2021 the solo exhibition of Marion Inglessi, Static/Ecstatic or Sibyl’s rock.
Static/Ecstatic is a manifesto of sexuality in which everything is composed by the haphazard movement of desire and creation. The hand of the artist instinctively draws the rock, the solid construction that defies the boundaries of gender, genre, narrative and time. An accumulation of repetitive cell-like solid elements that multiply, grow, expand, populate, overpopulate, infiltrate.

The rock as a symbol inevitably refers to the dialectic of stasis and movement. However, the synthesis or catharsis occurs only from the detachment from everyday consciousness, namely, from the “ecstasy” that the artist wanders in, in the ambiguous game that she invents as another Sibyl.

Inglessi introduces, in a way, a “new” visual language experimenting with the static medium of painting. Notes, drawings, animation organize her thinking, as she finds spatial configurations, atmospheres, non-color combinations or the vocabulary of the world she explores. The exploration of movement is inherent in the materials she uses. The relationship between fluidity and form, plasticity, and drawing, becomes the main artistic concern. Defying the limitations of strict structures, Inglessi’s oeuvre is revealed in detail and seems to allow for many interpretations, while focusing on bodily activity as an experience, but principally as a representation.

“Sibyl’s rock,” in its ambiguity, deals with manifestations of contemporary sexuality through a prism and with a humor that resists hegemony. Plasticity becomes a (feminist) machine of desire. Drawing, a device that mediates between physicality, imagination, and pleasure. The “backdrop” is this mediated exchange itself, the existence of a gendered body. The reproductive organs, like partners and genders shape each other. Sex is innate. Sex is not an act, it is an attitude, it is art.


Curation and text: Dr. Sozita Goudouna


Lighting Design: Eleftheria Deko

Catalogue: Cube Art Editions


Opening date: Thursday December 9, 2021, 3 pm-10 pm

Duration: December 9, 2021 – January 8, 2022


— The artist

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