Giorgos Alexandridis
...appearing resplendently in the vault of heaven

The exhibition

Curated by Yiannis Bolis

The art gallery ekfrasi – yianna grammatopoulou presents a group of new works by Giorgos Alexandridis  under the title …appearing resplendently in the vault of heaven.

Giorgos Alexandridis presents three installations, one mounted on the wall and two in space. In the first sculptural installation suspended in space figures rendered in soft colours in suits and uniforms ‒military pyrotechnics, World War I nurses wearing gas masks, welders, beekeepers, clowns, divers and members of the Ku Klux Klan‒ compose an original and astonishing visual environment. The second is a dense composition of ceramic plates, decorated with beautifully designed, repetitive motifs on the themes of war, power, struggle, sex. The latter installation, consisting of identical tents (made of clay), depict the stark contemporary reality that millions of people face, forced to be uprooted or leave their homes.

“In the three installations presented, the artist has managed to deliver a work ripe with meaning, characterised by a subversive and ironic mood, a surreal spirit with clear symbolic intentions, alluding to life and death, violence and destruction, protection and loss, focusing on social and political conditions in the current contradictory and paradoxical juncture of transition, instability and volatility in all areas of life, presenting an equivocal environment composed of many layers of possible approaches and interpretations.”, notices the curator of the exhibition, Yiannis Bolis.


Opening: February 22, 2024, 19:00 – 22:00

Duration: February 22 – March 23 2024

— The artist

Selected Works